The war on women?

I certainly don’t have to tell you savvy folks that the gender wars have been sparked anew this campaign season. I’ve been delving into the topic and the subsequent debate and have been musing on why now.
Is this fallout from electing deeply conservative lawmakers back in 2010? Backlash to harsh economic conditions?
And yes, while the Democrats have been making hay out of this, there is something deeper at play. There’s pushback against the violence against women act and laws that seek to curb reproductive rights.
And last week Wisconsin quietly repealed equal pay protections for women.
What gives? Love to know what you think.


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6 Responses to The war on women?

  1. Ironsart says:

    I don’t think conservative Republicans think of it as a War on Women; I think they feel that they’re constantly under attack from all sorts of groups who want to change things (women included) and they’re merely defending themselves. If there are wars going on (War on Women, the Culture War, the War on Traditional Marriage, the War on Christmas…) it’s because “those people” started it.
    Conservatives have general sense that this country is slipping away from them, that everything was so much better in the “Good Ol’ Days” and that the sooner we can get back to those days the better America will be. The problem is the Good Ol’ Days weren’t so good for a lot of Americans who weren’t well-to-do White guys, and the problems the GOP is having gaining ground with women, homosexuals, people of color, etc. reflects that.

  2. Bill Day says:

    First, hello Halimah!
    Geez, that is so easy…these neanderthals want their CONTROL back after four decades of progress. They are grabbing it now while people don’t realize they are losing it. Taking away reproductive rights and violence against women is the sexual side of taking away economic and civil rights. Yes, these hard economic times (for us) have brought reaction, fascism, and racism, all of which allows the Koch Brothers and others to use their money to gain repressive dominance. All of which is making me sooo verrry tired….and……. I …………….need…………….. to……………………………sleep……………………………………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Oh no Bill! Don’t fall asleep! After all, the revolution will not be televised. And life doesn’t provide a DVR. ;0) Seriously though, what do you guys think the result of this back and forth will be on the general election?

  3. Bill Day says:

    zzzzzzz…huh? Well, if people know what their self interest is, especially women, Obama will have a second term. Most of America that votes, however, does it on how they FEEL about someone or what they’ve heard from a friend or family member. Romney is a handsome guy with LOTS of money and many women will vote for him on looks alone. Reactionary men will vote for him in a heartbeat. It comes down to whether or not Obama can convince the swing voters that he needs a second term after all the Republican obstructionism in Congress and the fact that he wimped out on too many fights. If he can’t, we are in for a brutal four years with further erosion of our civil liberties, women’s rights, human rights, and economic plunder. Good luck, America.

  4. Carmichael John says:

    Restore or maintain status quo. Conservatives want to bring back the good ole days. When women knew their place and you only work with the same face. Well, these guys are stuck in 1950s. Its sad that an amazing nation that became great by innovating and making tomorrow better, now wants to go backwards. Republicans use this movement, simply to win the day. Republicans could care less about certain issues, its all about winning. While Democrats only care about their issue….women rights, education, fighting poverty, etc. Anyway, this fight against women will fade away in the general election. It was implemented by far right wingers to get their backwards agendas heard. In the general, the Republican candidate will moonwalk around that and claim their centricist ideals, simply to win. Think about it, can you name one reasonable, selfless platform from a Republican candidate.

    • Ok, but there are several GOP women who’ve chastised their male colleagues for what they see as flags on the play in the current gender wars. Senators Snowe, Hutchison, and Murkowski come to mind. So not all GOPers are on the bandwagon. They’re not a monolith.

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