Keeping the faith


Happy day! Bill and Guiliana Rancic are having a baby! Rarely have I so closely identified with tv stars. Heck, I’m notoriously bad at remembering actors’ names.
But Bill and Guiliana are different.
You see, they were undergoing their infertility battle the same time as me and my husband. I sobbed with Guiliana when we both lost our children around the same time. I totally identified with the pain she felt as a result of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome .
We went through cancer scares at the same time.
Mine was benign. Hers is malignant.
And my husband, great guy that he is, was much like Bill…strongly walking the infertility path while trying to lift their wives’ spirits.
When we got a positive pregnancy test back in 2010, I prayed the Rancics would soon experience the same.
And now, with the help of a gestational carrier , they have.
The Rancics have done so much to raise awareness about breast cancer (Guiliana recently underwent a double mastectomy) and infertility.
All the best to them in this new phase of their lives!


About domesticpolichick

My life is a crazy jumble of sitcom-level domestic hijinks and fast-paced political reporting in the nation's capital. Breastfeeding while doing a phone interview with a senator...yep, I've done it and no, I won't reveal the name. Toddler calling a member of Congress on the cell..yeah, that really did happen. Pregnant in high heels on Capitol Hill trying to chase down a particularly grumpy senator, yeah...that was nuts. But what can I say? I'm just one domestic polichick trying to figure out the work-life balance.
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