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HerStory…5,000 views strong

They sat there, the two of them, my caramel-colored friend and, as she puts it, my “peanut butter vanilla” colored daughter, lovingly combing each other’s tresses. They are daughters of Africa raised in America—one from Egypt the other from the … Continue reading

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Winners never quit? Not so sure about that…

Our three year old hates soccer. Really. Hates. It. And we’re considering letting her quit. Week after week, we’ve watched as missing a kick or drill sends her shrinking inside herself. She crumbles and crouches low on her ball, often … Continue reading

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True confessions of a bougie black girl

Here’s a true confession. I’m kind of a bougie black girl. Cue the fake swoon. I know it’s obvious. There are times though when my bougie streak runs truer than fine china and grandma’s pearls. Like today. Our daughter takes … Continue reading

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There’s always another train

Yesterday, the bus doors slammed in my face and pulled off before I could get on board. My family quickly regrouped, put on coats, jumped in the car, and got me to the train station. I raced up the platform … Continue reading

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Pretty little black girls…

Every morning and many evenings, my daughter and I read a story about a sweet and spunky little African American girl and her many-hued brown pals. And when we get to the story’s refrain, I whip out a hand mirror, … Continue reading

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Beauty on the horizon

After Hurricane Sandy ripped our home apart, I was so focused on righting the wreckage that I was blind to the quiet beauty blooming in our yard. This morning, after yesterday’s rough day and night, I looked outside with the … Continue reading

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“Good” schools vs. “bad” schools? Look behind the numbers

As I bumped along on the bus earlier this week, I overheard an interesting conversation between two African American women. It went something like this: Woman 1:”Girl, I really hope we get into school X.” Woman 2: “I know right, … Continue reading

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