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For the love of sisterhood…

Let me first say, “Lawd, I have sinned”. I, like millions of viewers, have chuckled at the ignorant antics of popular black reality stars as they popped off sassy one-liners. I took voyeuristic pleasure in seeing the fabulous wardrobes, hairstyles, … Continue reading

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Stretched, stressed, and seeking solace

You ever have one of those moments when someone holds a mirror in front of your face and you see, really see for the first time a reflection of your life. Well, I had one of those moments last night. … Continue reading

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True confessions of a bougie black girl

Here’s a true confession. I’m kind of a bougie black girl. Cue the fake swoon. I know it’s obvious. There are times though when my bougie streak runs truer than fine china and grandma’s pearls. Like today. Our daughter takes … Continue reading

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Pretty little black girls…

Every morning and many evenings, my daughter and I read a story about a sweet and spunky little African American girl and her many-hued brown pals. And when we get to the story’s refrain, I whip out a hand mirror, … Continue reading

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The color question

It began with my daughter’s mention that the backup nanny was “very black chocolate.” Inwardly, I stopped dead in my tracks. Outwardly, I asked questions in a casually light voice just to gauge her awareness and perceptions of race and … Continue reading

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