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With cupped palms receive blessings

My work world went and got itself in a big ole hurry while I was sick and on bedrest and then maternity leave. Sure, I returned to the same political squabbles that seem to define Congressional dealings these days. There … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr.Foo

We used to sit next to each other in the hospital’s infusion room and joke about the awful food, who had the most needle pokes that day, and god awful daytime tv. I left the hospital cradling new life. Mr. … Continue reading

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There’s always another train

Yesterday, the bus doors slammed in my face and pulled off before I could get on board. My family quickly regrouped, put on coats, jumped in the car, and got me to the train station. I raced up the platform … Continue reading

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Beauty on the horizon

After Hurricane Sandy ripped our home apart, I was so focused on righting the wreckage that I was blind to the quiet beauty blooming in our yard. This morning, after yesterday’s rough day and night, I looked outside with the … Continue reading

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Sunrise in the mourning

Another woman lost her child and I sobbed as if it was my own. Iyanla Vanzant wrote of carrying a child in her vessel then zipping that child into a body bag. And a hurt I thought I’d long healed, … Continue reading

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An authentic life

A long time ago, I made a promise to myself to live an authentic life. To look within and ask the tough questions, get quiet and listen for the answers, and move toward my own truth…no matter how uncomfortable. My … Continue reading

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Good fences make good neighbors

Yesterday, I had to put an inconsiderate real estate agent in check. She kept scheduling viewings of the rental even as we were unpacking boxes, painting, and trying to get settled. We gritted our teeth and bore it this weekend … Continue reading

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